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Approaching Retirement

At this stage, your focus begins to shift toward financial independence from work. Together, we will evaluate your financial situation and determine what needs to be done to achieve the lifestyle you desire. We will analyze your existing insurance, estate and investment plans to ensure they are consistent with your expectations and goals. We will guide you through the important decisions you need to make including those surrounding anticipated expenses, Social Security, health care, and employer retirement plans.

“Will you have enough savings and investments to support your current lifestyle when you retire?”


Whether you choose to continue working or have transitioned to full-time leisure, your financial situation has likely undergone a fundamental change from accumulating assets to spending them. This shift often warrants a different investment plan. Determining an appropriate portfolio strategy for this phase to ensure that you don’t exhaust your savings is critical and can be complicated. We will build a plan that considers your lifestyle objectives, existing financial capital, future income sources, expected future returns, financial risk profile and life expectancy.

“Are you drawing from your savings and investments in the most tax-efficient way to preserve your nest egg for as long as you live? “

The bottom line is that you want to enjoy your life now and prepare for the future. We can help you by implementing sensible tax-efficient spending, investing and asset protection strategies.