Funding a child’s Roth

One of the simplest and most powerful ways to help children and grandchildren build financial security in their adult years is to fund a Roth IRA account for them. For many children including younger adults just beginning a career or starting a family, the help they receive from family members can be a pivotal factor in enabling them to fund a comfortable retirement. Read more

Building a sensible retirement portfolio

For most Americans building their retirement nest egg is one of their most important priorities and most difficult challenges. A big factor to achieving that goal is constructing a well-designed portfolio. We can’t predict the future so no one knows what the ideal investment plan will turn out to be. However, we can construct a sensible one that is broadly diversified, low-cost, tax-efficient, and consistent with your goals and investing temperament. Such a portfolio will significantly improve your chances of reaching your retirement goals. Here are the key steps to developing an intelligent retirement investment plan. Read more

Estimating your retirement nest egg

For most Americans, retirement planning is ultimately focused on accumulating a “nest egg” of savings and investments to generate enough income to pay for a comfortable lifestyle.

To find out how large a nest egg you will need you must first estimate your “retirement income gap”. This is the difference between how much you’ll need each year to enjoy the lifestyle that you want and the amount of income that you expect to receive from sources including Read more