The value of financial literacy

At a time when Americans have been forced to assume greater responsibility for securing their financial futures, they face a complex economic landscape in which they must make important decisions including those relating to borrowing, spending, saving and investing. Most lack the knowledge and computational skills to do so successfully. Read more

Investing with humility

Our society places a high value on confidence and most people identify it as a key element for success in life. But does it necessarily hold true for successful investing?

In daily life when we talk about confidence we are referring to the degree of certainty that we hold in the validity of our knowledge, predictions about the future, or decisions. In other words, self-confidence reflects our opinion about our own abilities. However, not everyone is realistic about their limitations and their abilities. Read more

Protecting your investments from inflation

In an effort to mitigate the effects of the recent global financial crisis, the United States and governments worldwide have pursued economic policies including low-interest rates and significant government spending that have increased the possibility of higher inflation. Read more