Stages of the financial life cycle

In my last blog I introduced the economic theory and field of study of life cycle finance, a principal goal of which is to construct a useable framework to help individuals improve their financial decision making to produce better monetary outcomes and maintain the smoothest and highest possible standard of living throughout their lives. Read more

Funding a child’s Roth

One of the simplest and most powerful ways to help children and grandchildren build financial security in their adult years is to fund a Roth IRA account for them. For many children including younger adults just beginning a career or starting a family, the help they receive from family members can be a pivotal factor in enabling them to fund a comfortable retirement. Read more

Buyer beware

Americans today face a far different and more challenging financial landscape than previous generations. The disappearance of the old-fashioned employer pension plan and the likelihood that future benefits from government social programs such as Medicare and Social Security will be less generous than in the past are just two reasons why individuals areincreasingly anxious about their financial security. Workers and retirees are assuming greater responsibility for their financial well-being, requiring them to make difficult but important saving, investment and tax decisions. Since they often lack the skills to do so many are turning to financial professionals for help. Those who do have their work cut out for them. Read more