Building arks before the rain – Part one

We face risks in every area of our lives, and the realm of personal finance is no exception. Successfully managing financial risk is key to achieving a comfortable and secure lifestyle. At its core, managing financial risks starts with identifying them, determining what could go wrong and how bad it could get. Only then can we construct a risk management plan to protect against potentially catastrophic events. Sensible people learn to take calculated risks that propel them toward their most important life goals and protect against those whose consequences are too great to bear. Read more

Reason for optimism

Ballooning debt that threatens our country’s long-term prosperity, a polarized political system that seems more beholden to special interests than our national interests, and increased geopolitical tensions….. Opening the newspaper or turning on the news can cause even a steadfast optimist to lose hope. There’s no question we face big challenges in our country and our world, yet we still have good reason to be confident about America’s future. That reason is the caliber, character and promise of our young people. Read more

Get organized for financial success

What is the best way to reach your financial goals? You might think with all the advice we are bombarded with daily from the financial services industry the only way to achieve success is by having a complicated investment portfolio. You might be surprised to learn that financial success starts with Read more