Get organized for financial success

What is the best way to reach your financial goals? You might think with all the advice we are bombarded with daily from the financial services industry the only way to achieve success is by having a complicated investment portfolio. You might be surprised to learn that financial success starts with Read more

The illusion of average returns

In order to make smart financial decisions including how to invest and how much to spend today and save for tomorrow, investors need to develop average long-run return projections for stocks and bonds. However, the misapplication of the term “average” has caused substantial damage to the nest eggs of American workers and retirees. Read more

Getting real about future investment returns

Even after two steep stock market declines in the last 14 years, baby boomers who are now retiring in droves have grown accustomed to earning strong returns on their savings and investments. Over the last 30 years, the stock and bond markets returned roughly 10% and 6% respectively before inflation and about 7% and 3% in real (after inflation) terms. Read more