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Protecting risks from within

In my last few blog posts, I have discussed the importance of managing financial risks and offered some sensible strategies to protect against catastrophic loss. In this fourth, and final post on managing risk, I will examine two other areas that can pose significant threats to an individual’s or family’s finances.

Protecting our financial capital

In my previous couple of blogs, I discussed the risks individuals and families face and how to protect against events that could decimate a household’s finances. Financial risk is integrally tied to an economic theory, known as “lifecycle finance,” which explains how people can improve their standard of living by making smart financial decisions during […]

Protecting our human capital

In my last blog post, I talked about the risks we face in our financial lives. Managing financial risks starts with identifying them, determining what could go wrong and how bad things could get.  Only then we can construct a risk management plan to protect against potentially catastrophic events. The theory, known as “lifecycle finance,” […]